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Most famous paintings in the world

Among paintings that are made and displayed in galleries and museums all around the globe, a modest number transcend time and impact the world forever. This select gathering of most celebrated paintings is recognizable by individuals from everywhere throughout the world and of any age and will likely proceed to resound and leave impressions in the minds of individuals in the hundreds of years to come. The following is a rundown of probably the most well-known paintings in this world.


  • Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci. The most famous painting on the planet is the fundamental fascination of the Louver museum in Paris, where it is seen by six million people each year. Leonardo da Vinci painted it from the year 1503 or 1504 till before he died in 1519.


  • The Creation of Adam – Michelangelo. Situated on the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome. The Creation of Adam was painted by Michelangelo in the year of 1508 and 1512 and it is only one of nine scenes from the book of Genesis that are painted on the focal point of the ceiling of the chapel.


  • The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali. Painted in 1931 by the Spanish artist Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory is a standout amongst the most recognizable pieces in art history. This show-stopper is known to influence people to contemplate on their way of life and the way they invest their energy, and it is additionally suspected that this great painting was propelled by Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.


  • The Last Supper – Leonardo da Vinci. This world-famous painting isn’t hung in a gallery, yet rather covers the back wall of the dining hall at Santa Maria delle Grazie monastery in Milan, Italy. It was painted by the same most famous artist ever, Leonardo da Vinci in the late fifteenth century. The work of art depicts the scene of The Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples. Seeing this gem in the little monastery is really a standout among other attractions Milan brings to the table.


  • Starry Night – Vincent van Gogh. Painted by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh in 1889, Starry Night is a standout amongst the most famous paintings in present day culture. The canvas is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The artistic creation was the motivation for the song “Vincent” (otherwise called “starry night”) by Don McLean. McLean’s song refers the depiction of this painting and in addition different paintings by the famous artist.


  • The Scream – Edvard Munch. The most famous piece by Edvard Munch, painted around 1893. It was painted utilizing oil and pastel on cardboard. This alarming painting is hung at The National Gallery, Oslo, Norway.


  • Girl with a pearl stud Johannes Vermeer. Considered by numerous to be “the Dutch Mona Lisa” or the “Mona Lisa of the North”, this excellent painting by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer highlights, well… a girl with a pearl hoop. The depiction was finished around 1665 and is displayed in the Mauritshuis Gallery in the Hague, the Netherlands.


  • The night watch-Rembrandt van Rijn. Finished in 1642, this famous artwork is in display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The artistic creation depicts a city guard moving out, drove by Captain Frans Banning Cocq, his lieutenant and the other of the guard’s armed men.

Painting tips for beginners


Just started paintings?  here are a few tips that can come in handy.


  • Acrylic paint is an incredible medium for amateurs since it is moderately economical, water-soluble, quick-drying, versatile, and pardoning. In the event that you are not content with an area you’ve painted, you can give it a chance to dry and paint directly finish it in a matter of minutes. Since acrylic is a plastic polymer, you can paint on any surface as long as it doesn’t contain wax or oil. Not at all like oils, acrylics can be utilized with no toxic solvents and can be tidied up effortlessly with soap and water.


  • You’ll additionally require stiff bristles brushes for thick acrylic paint and soft-bristled brushes for watercolor impacts. You’ll have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from (round, flat, pointed), and you additionally get distinctive length handles. In case you’re on a tight spending plan, begin with a little and a medium-sized filbert (a flat, pointed brush).


  • Filberts are a decent decision in light of the fact that in the event that you utilize only the tip, you get a tight brush check, and in the event that you push down, you get a wide one. A decent medium-sized flat brush will likewise come convenient. Contingent upon which edge you paint with, it can give you either a more extensive or slenderer stroke. It will give you a more unmistakable brushstroke than a filbert brush.

Painting Skills


  • Suitable backings required for painting incorporates canvas, canvas sheets, wood panels, and paper. Fundamentally, anything to which acrylic paint will stick—test in case you don’t know. In case you’re purchasing a premade canvas or board, watch that it’s been primed with something suitable for acrylics (generally are).


  • One of the pitfalls for beginning painters can be that while they are working gradually and precisely on their painting, the acrylic paint on their palette is drying. When they go to reload their brush with paint, they find that it has turned out to be unworkable, requiring that they blend the color once more, which can be testing. To stay away from this, take a stab at painting the biggest shapes of your composition first and work quickly with the biggest brush you can for whatever length of time that conceivable. Spare the points of interest and littler brushes for the end. Work from the general to the particular. This will likewise help shield your painting from winding up too tight.

  • Understudy review paints likewise have a tendency to be more transparent. To counter this, include a little piece of titanium white to the color or a small piece of white gesso, a paint-like substance like acrylic, yet more slender. This will lighten (tint) the color a smidgen and will give you the opacity you’re after. You can likewise include a color that is comparable yet more misty to one that is more transparent, such as cadmium yellow to transparent yellow. On the off chance that you are attempting to cover a hidden layer totally, paint over it with gesso or a medium dim before applying the following color.


  • Utilize acrylics for painting studies of your subject outside. Whenever dry, this water-resistant paint won’t be destroyed in the event that you happen to get caught in the rain. Due to its quick drying time and chemical properties, it is likewise extremely valuable as an under painting for oil painting. You can work out a large number of the colors and composition issues of your painting utilizing quick drying acrylics previously committing yourself to oils. Simply recollect that you can paint oil over acrylic however not vice versa.

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